While summer and spring are the seasons that awaken bursts of joy and fun in people, many consider that the autumn a true gift of nature for its scenic beauty. In California there are places that during the fall are transformed into true works of art, astonishing visitors with environments full of color and nostalgia. In this publication we will review what for many nature and tourism lovers are the best fall landscapes within California. Do you already have your favorites in mind?

The fall season begins in California, usually during the month of September and lasts on average until the “Thanksgiving” festivities in November. To the north of California you can enjoy beautiful moments of warm days and more refreshing nights. Nature invites you to admire it, making the leaves of the trees begin to change color offering a wonderful natural spectacle, and suffice it to mention that during the fall “Halloween” is celebrated to know that the nostalgic and mysterious touch provides the cherry that this season needs to be the favorite of many.

We chose the best fun things to do in the fall in California.

We propose you to discover California with children in ten essential destinations , designed to visit as a family. A trip that combines urban tourism with the wild nature of its most emblematic places, with some proposals for quieter activities , for rest days.

San Francisco California

Visit San Francisco

In addition to its cosmopolitan and bustling atmosphere , the urbanism of this city makes it a good option to discover California with children . The whole family will enjoy touring the city, with its bridges, skyscrapers and impossible slopes, without forgetting the emblematic Golden Gate suspension bridge , Lombard street (the curved street in the world) and a walk along Pier 39. We recommend you to take the tickets with Many weeks in advance if you intend to visit Alcatraz Island. Besides the interesting part of the walk through the old prison, the views of San Francisco are impressive. As well as from Tiburón, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Los Angeles California

Visit Los Angeles

Another essential destination full of attractions, but we must take it easy is Los Angeles. We can not miss the opportunity to feel like real Hollywood stars on the Walk of Fame where we will see the stars and hands of our favorite stars. Touring the great shops of Beverly Hills will make us feel part of American series.  If you have not yet visited any Disney theme park, do not miss Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. This iconic theme park was the first of The Walt Disney Company, and the only one that was designed and built under the direct supervision of the unforgettable Walt Disney.

Santa Monica California

Visit Santa Monica

Located on the Pacific coast , California has some of the best beaches in the world . The best known are those of Malibu , Santa Bárbara , San Diego and Orange County , very frequented by lovers of surfing. However, our proposal to relax in family, very close to Los Angeles, is the beach of Santa Monica. We recommend you to visit its emblematic pier with its amusement parkthat will delight the little ones. If you go in summer, a good option is to go to Pier Santa Monica, in the afternoon it is not so hot. For a quiet day on the beach, go to Annenberg Community Beach House that has all the amenities for families.

San Diego California

Visit San Diego

The famous Seaworld of San Diego offers a great experience for children. Many spectacles and attractions of spectacular beauty, with orcas , all kinds of marine mammals and even the opportunity to swim among dolphins will make the visit unforgettable.  The city of San Diego also has one of the best zoos in the United States. There you will see giant pandas in their modern and well-maintained facilities .

Yosemite National Park California

Visit Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet , halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It highlights the Valley of the Butterflies , the Pass of Tioga , its forests of centennial sequoyas and its impressive waterfalls Yosemite Falls .

Death Valley California

Visit Death Valley

Halfway between Yosemite and the Grand Canyon , there’s Death Valley. It is one of the most arid areas in the world , with desert lands that never get rain. Do not miss the incredible panoramic view from the Dantes Point viewpoint , the beauty of the dunes of Stovepipe Wells , the original mountains of Artist Drive and the Golden Canyon .

Grand Canyon

Visit Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Although it belongs to the state of Arizona , its proximity to the California border makes it a very common visit. The Grand Canyon has plenty of appeal to make anyone traveling to California with children on their route. Contemplating its extraordinary geography reminds us of how impressive nature can be .