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Why do you need to join a travel club? There are many websites offering earned nights/credit with booked stays, reward points, coupon codes and yes timeshare deals?

Well… the answer is really pretty simple but it does require some clarification. You see it depends on what type of travel club you’re looking for.

For the most part, when you see an offer to join a travel club there’s more than a likely chance it is nothing other than a marketing effort to sell you a timeshare vacation club or some type of variation, resulting in offers for gifts or a free vacation where you must participate in presentations.

Don’t take it from me, just do an online search for travel club schemes and you will see the list of articles about scams and problems so buyer beware if you don’t do your research.

CUG – Closed User Groups

Next is the travel aficionados groups for those who have similar interests and are looking for the social aspect of traveling with other fellow enthusiasts.  Theses groups want to save money on their travel.  Closed User Groups are structured toward like-minded association groups where membership fees are paid to obtain discounts and special offers to travel together.

While they don’t necessarily present themselves as a vacation club there are also the Online Travel Agencies (OTA”S) that offer rewards or loyalty programs to help you save on your travel. Today these sites make up a large majority of where travelers go when researching deals and trip planning since they do a better job of marketing their websites.

While you might think there are a lot of options to choose from almost 80% of online travel sites are generated from two major players, Expedia and Priceline.

So what if you’re the person who wants to get travel club rates or CUG rates but you don’t have a group you find commonality with? That’s where can help the everyday traveler. Maybe you vacation a few times a year for weekend getaways or combine business with leisure travel and just want to get the best available rate. will help you get the best available rate.  Most often times if you’re traveling to a destination area you will find savings of up to 50% or in some cases even more.

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